Dear Sir, RE: A Free Energy Saving Light Bulb For All
IT is a step in the right direction for the Spanish government to announce that it will issue a free energy saving light bulb to every household.
With the energy saver consuming just 20 percent of the power of the traditional light bulb, the savings and the lower demand for electricity are irresistible. The problem is that the household will hardly notice the savings of just one light bulb.

I installed 10 energy savers over three years ago and have concluded that they save me from 12 euros per month in winter, to 4 euros per month in summer – an average of 80 cents per bulb per month. I save 96 euros per year from my initial investment of 50 euros for the 10 energy saving bulbs. Whilst I am concerned about the “green” issues, I am more concerned about the money I pay out for electricity and the financial savings I can make.

The mistake I made initially was to buy the bulbs from a far Eastern outlet where the price was just 3 euro per bulb. All but 2 bulbs blew within a few months of operation so I replaced them with ones costing 5 euro each from my local Eroski store. I noticed that the Eroski bulbs were much brighter on a like for like basis and not one has blown in three years (I believe that energy savers should last at least 5 times longer).

In just three years, I have saved almost 300 euros in electricity bills – and rising as electricity costs increase. Just think what businesses could save if they took the same approach! I believe that all too many people will take the short-term view when looking at the cost of 60 cents for a traditional bulb or 5 euros for the energy saver. So why doesn't the government go one step further – ban the sale of all energy-guzzling light bulbs?

Mark Masters