By Jason Moore

THE writing is certainly on the wall for the coalition Balearic government which now faces a vote of no confidence in the local parliament, Council of Majorca and Palma city council. Infact, you could say that it is all over for Balearic President Francesc Antich. His government is in a minority after he expelled the Majorcan Unionists which gave him an overall majority. The opposition Partido Popular and to a lesser extent the Unionist are already flexing their muscles and could oust the coalition from the three main local institutions, the Balearic government, Council of Majorca and city council.

The only option for Antich is to call early elections. Otherwise his authority in all three institutions will be steadily undermined. This is a nightmare scenario for the Balearic government especially as the Balearic economy is still in the midst of a severe recession. All the political parties in the Balearics have been tarnished by scandals and indecision. What is clear is that coalition government in the Balearics is not a good idea. Antich should ultimately take the blame for this fiasco because it was he who decided to put together the government in the first place. It has proved to be a very bad move which could cost the Balearics very dearly in the long-run.