Dear Sir,

YESTERDAY'S ViewPoint “The Wrong Place” criticizing the response/reaction in Parliament at the demise of David Cameron's son, has not been well thought through. The death had been announced the same morning of Prime Ministers Questions, and as the same midday half hour session is normally a robust/argumentative even insulting session, it would hardly have seemed appropriate to be held, when the leader of the opposition would have been absent through such grief he must have felt.

How anyone could have entered into the cut and thrust of Prime Ministers Question's with such a cloud hanging over the chamber, would have been insensitive to the extreme. For once the politicians got it right and cancelling that 30 minute session made sense, as well as being right. In the aftermath of that sad event, one refreshing thing emerged, was that the media kept their distance from the Cameron family, No crowds of reporters shown in front of their home, no mikes and cameras stuck in their faces, a bit more of this, generally, in the future when people want and need the time and space to grieve would be a welcome respite from what we have been accustomed to.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips

Dear Editor,

AS usual, as a big fish in a tiny pond, Ray Fleming pontificates from his predictable, bleeding heart Liberal podium, on the “wrongs” committed by the UK and US administrations against Binyam Mohamed, the recently-released Guantanamo detainee. From his safe, comfy home on Majorca.

Unlike most young men his age who would take a break in Majorca, this short-term, Ethiopian immigrant to the UK claims that he went for a break in Pakistan and Afghanistan to “kick a drug habit”. Which is about as credible as going to Magalluf to stop drinking, stay away from girls and get to bed early.

Mr Fleming wants the UK and US administrations to be “open” about Binyam's treatment while in custody.
If Binyam had been detained by his beloved Taliban as a British Soldier, (whether a Christian or Muslim British soldier), he would have been beheaded if he was really lucky. Mr Fleming has no interest in or concern for those brave, valiant young Allied men and women who fight to defend us against the 9/11, London and Madrid bombers, being clearly more concerned about the ‘civil rights' of our self-proclaimed enemies.

Binyam should have been tried as a traitor at best or would-be terrorist at least, found guilty and strung up till good and dead.
Instead, this student of terrorism will undoubtedly sell his story to the Press, “sign on” and then be “entitled” to compensation from the taxes paid by the Dads and Mums of the young servicemen who have died defending us from this worldwide, Taliban terrorism.

Mr Fleming, go home to your beloved England and spout your drivel among those who have lost loved ones to Taliban-supporting “Binyams” and his like.

Best Wishes, Norman MacLeod
Palma Nova