...for French President Nicolas Sarkozy who during a visit to Rwanda to acknowledge France's “grave errors of judgement” at the time of the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which more than 800'000 people were killed. Mr Sarkozy spoke of France's “form of blindness to not have seen the genocidal dimensions” of the former Hutu government which it supplied with arms. “We want to turn a page” said Sarkozy, recognising that France has lost influence in Rwanda, even to the extent that English not French is now the country's second language.

A BIG BOO... for Nigel Farage, UKIP Member of the European Parliament, who acted like the worst kind of Briton abroad when he insulted the EU's new Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, calling him a “low-grade bank clerk”. While criticising everything European, Farage does not hesitate to bite the hand that feeds him; he recently revealed that since becoming an MEP in 1999 he has claimed more than two million euros in expenses.