AFTER watching Question Time with Peter Hain, I am alarmed at the naivety or crass stupidity, perhaps a combination of both pervading the politicians past and present.

On the sale of arms to Libya, he stated that they sought and obtained written assurances from Col. Gaddafi that the weapons would not be used against his own people. Did he not know what kind of maniac he and the cabinet were dealing with? The example of Saddam Hussein must have been a warning. They should remember history and recall Neville Chamberlain waving that famous (or infamous?) piece of paper signed by Adolph Hitler, worth as much as Gaddafi's assurances.

Now today, we have David Cameron following in their footsteps by saying that he will make sure the workers stranded in Libya will be rescued.
That is, after stating that he did not rule out armed intervention in Libya. Now here is another leader not learning any lessons from the actions of the aforementioned Saddam Hussein, when he used stranded workers as human shields. I think that Col. Gaddafi will not have forgotten that episode and make the most of his chances. The fact that Americans were used as hostages in Iraq, delaying the USA offensive in Iraq, will not be the case where we have British hostages in Libya. I think the one-way, so-called, “special relationship” will be exposed to the gullible British Government to the cost of British lives.

If this happens David Cameron will realise that he should have kept his mouth shut until all the workers were out of Libya.
I think the public must be getting fed up with the standard response of “lessons must/will be learned”, I know that I am. Lessons would nor require to be learned if they thought things out first and we had competent people with common sense in positions of responsibility in the first place.

Bill Stirling, Torrenova.