MR Morrison's outpouring in his letter of 26/2 reflects how many still think quantity is the answer to Majorca's tourist problems. Not so, as for example , it is a proven fact, time and time again, all over the world, that golf tourism attracts people who spend ten times as much as regular “package” tourists. From its €100 green fees per person, PER DAY, five star hotels, best restaurants, rent a car, boutiques/shops, their spending power is noticeable.

Then, if the whole island ended up catering only to the cheap end of the market, many of the 20'000 yachts moored here might up anchor at other locations, and their spending far outweighs that of golfers! Then there is that section who buy holiday and/ or retirement homes here, representing billions in investment, together with many millions spent each year. Would a down graded location appeal so much in the future?

A balance of different grades of tourism needs to be maintained, the trouble is that it is easier to let it drop, than to maintain higher standards. For instance, there was nothing wrong with the “package holiday”, it was sensible and more economic way to take a holiday, unfortunately, as we have seen, in the mad rush for “more bodies at any price” the introduction of “all inclusive” is having the most adverse effects in many sectors of the island.

The recently reported 800 cruise liners expected in Palma this year, bringing 1.5 million visitors I fear will be a bit of a damp squib, as they are after all only floating “all inclusive” style hotels, and the few hours on shore, if the tourists only buy a drink, T-shirts or souvenir, this will hardly swell the coffers. Hopefully the berth mooring fees for the ships charged by the Port Authority is substantial to gain something! Yours

Graham Phillips