By Jason Moore

ON Saturday night I joined the crowds at the rather good Balearic Day market in Palma. As I walked past the local government headquarters I remembered that it was open to the public with organised tours. Now obviously I have visited the government HQ many times before but this was a guided tour so I thought, why not? I joined a group of about 25 people and we were shown around the building which is home to our dear local government.

It was an interesting tour but unfortunately the guided visits are only being done in Spanish and Majorcan, so they are not exactly aimed at tourists! At the end of the visit each person in the group was handed a goodie bag, which in my case consisted of a T-shirt, a small rucksack, a hat and a paper model of the government headquaters.

A rather nice gift which was presented to all who went on the tour. It was a nice present, and I am not complaining about it, but at a time of a severe recession in the Balearics surely taxpayer´s money could be spent on better items. The building itself has a long history and during the summer months while the Balearic government closes down it might be an idea to open it to tourists as well with tours in English and German. Afterall, we do live from tourism!