Dear Sir, I WRITE with reference to your article last Friday regarding the GESA-ENDESA scandal which included some of my comments. In this respect I would like to thank the enormous number of both residents and business owners who have contacted me offering their support in what has undoubtedly become a case of serious abuse of citizens rights by an International Company with a monopoly over a basic and essential service here in Majorca.

There is real confusion, anger, and in some cases despair regarding the new GESA/ENDESA method of billing. I have therefore tried to unravel same and give a basic explanation of a standard electricity bill: n 1. The last bill sent from Barcelona 6/2/09, would normally be paid by direct debit from your bank. n 2. It gives the meter reading “real” as of 28/11/ 2008 and the supposed “real” meter reading as of 6/2/09. In hundreds, if not in thousands of cases, this amount is ESTIMATED at two, three, four or more times, the normal electricity consumption. n 3. The difference between the two figures above gives the supposed “real” figure for all calculations of a unit price of the “consumo”. n 4. This “consumo” is now calculated at a unit price of, 0.110542€. Less than one year ago, this unit price was 0.099562€ which constitutes an increase of over 10%! n 5. Then comes the “extra charge for high consumption” which was, a year ago, a unit price of 0.0134€ and is now a unit price of 0.027925€ or OVER DOUBLE THE COST! PROBLEM: The enormous number of clients who have been given an “estimated” consumption which is much higher than the “real” consumption, who therefore have also been charged with the obscene “high consumption extra charge”. n 6. Then there is a “tax” (impuesto) for electricity which, to date, nobody has been able to give a satisfactory explanation for. Said tax appears to have almost doubled in less than a year! Surely by now GESA-ENDESA are aware that their clients in Calvià and the rest of Majorca are demanding explanations, and immediate correction of this absolute abuse of the monopoly they enjoy. The question to Gesa/Endesa is when do they intend to correct these abusive increases in price, correct the bills sent to thousands of clients, and reimburse overcharges.

In times of economic crisis, after a hard winter and prior to the start of the tourist season the cynical action of this International Company is creating insupportable problems for their clients, problems which must be addressed and resolved NOW.

Best regards,

Kate Mentink, Calvia