By Jason Moore

THE local elections this spring could be just a two horse race, between the centre right Partido Popular and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). The Majorcan Unionist Party, which has acted as matchmaker and in some ways has decided who has governed the Balearics over the last few years, could disappear from the mainstream political landscape because of all the corruption allegations which have been levelled at senior members of the party.

The Unionists have been in a position of power because their handful of votes has been able to give either of the main parties a majority. But this week there is talk of even disbanding the party. The other smaller parties have also suffered badly over recent years.

The once powerful Majorcan Socialist Party formed the left-wing Bloc, with other smaller left-wing leaning parties, but their share of the vote has been steadily falling. The decline in the power of the smaller parties will not change the status quo too badly because Bloc voters will change their allegiance to the PSOE and Majorcan Unionist Party votes will go to the Partido Popular. In some ways it should make the job of getting an overall majority easier. The Balearics could become a two-party place with a straight battle between the left and the right.