By Jason Moore I don't think the Balearics can rest on its laurels. I think the next five years are going to be critical because there are a number of competing tourist resorts which will soon start giving these islands a run for their money. There is always Turkey and Greece but now we have to add Malta, Cyprus and Croatia. In other words these days you are spoilt for choice if you want a Mediterranean holiday. Now, the Balearics will always be the safe option but I don't think that this general impression that these islands are the best in the Mediterranean and the undisputed leader will last for much longer. The majority of tourists who come here have a fantastic time but there is also growing criticism of how expensive the islands are. The Balearics are no longer a cheap holiday destination. This has forced many of the tour firms to increase their all-inclusive package which will mean misery for hundreds of bars and restaurants. But this is just a sign of the times. When you take into account that competing destinations will also be offering similar packages it makes you think that the Balearics are going to have a tough battle ahead. Sincerely speaking I don't think there is much the Balearics can do but to make sure that the islands offer the best possible service at the best possible price. Perhaps the boom days are over. The worst thing that the local authorities can do is to dismiss our new rivals. Okay, at the moment their industry is not on a par with the Balearics, but it won't take long. These are going to be interesting times. With a bigger cake there is more to go round. It is a challenge which the islands must face. I get the impression that many people here believe that tourists will always come, whatever happens. Looking at our competition I feel they may be mistaken.