Dear Sir, l I READ with dismay that the second phase of the seldom used bypass around Puerto Pollenca is to proceed. This new road will pass through part of the north coast wetlands, cut through the beautiful fringe of the Llenaire countryside and then destroy hundreds of mature Majorcan Pines as it cuts through the quiet residential area of Gommar on its way to destroying the designated parkland behind Pinaret before finally linking up with the first phase. Brutal in its route and fatally flawed in its concept, this road will be seldom used as most traffic from and to Alcudia is generated by either (a) locals, tradesmen and builders etcetera, who are used to the coast road who will not change from their shortest route from point “a” to “b” to venture round 4 roundabouts, (b) coaches which bring tourists to the market where the visual draw of the port is the prime motive to drop off their load at the sea front and never drive on the new inland road, (c) local bus route which will still link the towns along the coast road. No one we talk to, either resident or visitor, wants this road or sees the need for it. This is money down the drain in pursuit of some out of date road policy without any care for the sensitive environments which it will ruin. GOB and all concerned parties should make their objections known before it is too late. Do Street Touts Reduce Tourist Numbers....? l I HAVE just returned to the UK after a memorable holiday in Palma Nova. My family and I regularly visit Majorca, as often as four times a year, and during the winter months we love to visit the Palma Nova area. Regrettably, on this latest visit the ”street touts” (time share and holiday club sales people) offering scratch cards and surveys have totally ruined our break. My family were continually approached by these people who nowadays refuse to be put off and even shout abuse if you fail to stop. I actually saw one English man being restrained by his family members because he was about to attack a street tout. Surely to goodness something can be done to stop this horrible practice. As for the touts, why don't they hire a shop or a kiosk - I am sure that they would get a better return that way. Accosting people in the street is not the answer and, having been stopped several times in one day by the same people, I can vouch that it is not a sales technique to which I will succumb in a million years. These people are a desperate nuisance who take away much of the charm of the area and any steps to outlaw this practice would be really appreciated by your visitors. I do hope that something can be done.

Alan Cook MSc. RIBA, Crawfordsburn Co. Down
Dear Editor,

Geoff Bakker, South Yorkshire