By Jason Moore

SOME interesting points have been raised in our letters to the editor section about tourism in Majorca and the need to find a balance between the high and low end of the markets. I would say that Majorca over recent years has done a good job in combining the two but I will say that both markets want something which is sadly missing in many parts of the island, value for money. Take green fees for instance, they are far higher here than on the mainland. Even the super-rich would not be too impressed by some of the prices being charged by allegedly top restaurants in Majorca.

The other day I was charged two euros in the centre of Palma for a bottle of water! With the fall in the value of the pound against the euro it is now almost cheaper to eat out in London than in Majorca! If Majorca wants to get back on track it must do something about its prices; even those with fat purses and wallets will not be too impressed that the most expensive cup of coffee in Spain is to be found in Majorca! There is plenty wrong with Majorca´s principal industry at the moment and until all these problems are ironed out the island will continue to suffer. Also, tourists all want a warm welcome, something which in some cases is sadly lacking at the moment.