Tourist Market
GRAHAM Phillips´ letter makes some very salient points relating to attracting tourists who will spend significant amounts of money on the island.
As I pointed out in a letter last year I feel the island needs to cater for a wide variety of tastes and pockets and one of the important areas is self-catering.

I was planning to buy a suitable property for just that purpose but without a licence was not prepared to take the risk of a fine although I realise many people do, presumably those who can afford to.

With self-catering there is a knock-on effect that benefits many local businesses such as car hire, food shops, restaurants, and many other venues for entertainment and outdoor pursuits.

This is surely more beneficial in sustaining the whole island.
Is the government looking at the licence situation for self-catering? If not why not?
There are so many opportunities to offer holidaymakers and all have their place so please don't let us see a return purely to the sun and sand all-inclusive holiday that benefits just a few hotels and their staff.


Philippa Coates


MR Phillips' rebuttal of Ian Morrison's letter, is once again repeating the same old stale arguments that have been aired in the Daily B, for the last ten years or more. Briefly, “Quality” against quantity. It is, to my mind, a given fact that Majorca has prospered over the years with mass tourism, witness the great expansion of hotels for instance at Alcudia and Pollensa, compared to earlier days.

These establishments whose guests are numbered in their THOUSANDS, as opposed to the few hundreds of golfers Mr Phillips proclaims as saviours of Majorca. Nothing could be further from reality.

He rightly highlights the cruising ships as being small providers of spending power to Majorca, so where is the so called quality tourism to come from? Let us stick to the tried and established mass market that has brought (until the credit crunch couple of years) employment for the majority, in spite of the inclusiveness that is berated.

Look around Mr Phillips. Most resorts are still full of hotels, cafes, restaurants and the like. Yes, I know that some fail, but there is always somebody else up for the challenge!

Yours Sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro