By Jason Moore

THE Spanish government has announced plans to reduce the speed limit on motorways from 120 kilometres an hour to 110. The Libyan crisis and the subsequent rise in petrol prices has been blamed for the change. But it is going to cost a small fortune to change all the speed signs on motorways across the country, probably much more than the saving which will allegedly be made on the fuel bill. This was a real knee jerk reaction by the Spanish government who had to be seen to be doing something over rising fuel bills.

But I have a better idea, Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero. Save your money on changing the road signs and just reduce the tax on fuel. I am sure that motorists will welcome any change in price and afterall the government receives billions of euros in taxes from fuel levies. I sincerely doubt, also, that many motorists will take any notice of the change in speed on motorways. It is just a ridiculous idea. And if the government wanted to go further they could even increase the taxes which are paid by the major oil companies.

Oil firms are some of the most profitable of all major companies. So, Prime Minister Zapatero, back to the drawing board and a complete rethink. There are many cheaper ways to reduce the price of fuel in Spain.