By Jason Moore SO Anna Kournikova will be the new face of the Balearics in tourism promotion campaigns. A curious choice considering that you can count the Russian tennis player's visits to the island on a single hand and the fact that she has never been connected with the Balearics. Kournikova, did indeed visit the island, a few years ago as part of her training programme and allegedly she has bought a house on the island...but that is about it! Can she really talk about the virtues of the island given her limited experience of it? Well, it will be interesting to see. But once again the local government has been double faulted. Majorca has a large number of big super-stars who are regular visitors. I could fill this whole space with the names of VIP visitors to the islands who are household names in both Britain and Germany. So why has a Russian infrequent visitor been selected for this job? I don't know and I am slightly baffled. I have my doubts whether celebrity endorsements actually work these days and don't forget that people these days are more sceptical than ever. I seem to remember that Majorca has two fine tennis players of its own who have won far more trophies than this Russian beauty. Oh well, back to the drawing board. But I would advise the local government to look round Puerto Portals and Deya this summer, and select a more worthy candidate for the top job.