By Jason Moore

THE Central Government Delegate Ramon Socias this week criticised police and the judiciary for being rather heavy handed over the alleged cases of political corruption. At the moment the judiciary are examining literally scores of cases of alleged political corruption involving senior and middle members of the Majorcan Unionist Party and the Partido Popular.

In most cases those who have been accused have been ejected from their respective parties. I do agree with Socias because I feel this whole affair could have been handled much better. Firstly, the accusations which have been levelled against former members of the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists have not been proved in court and therefore they are still allegations and not proven facts.

The way senior politicians from the previous administration of the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists have been paraded through the courts is not really acceptable. The other day I passed the law courts where former President Jaume Matas was giving evidence and it was almost like a circus with hundreds of people outside. The allegations of political corruption are very serious and need to be investigated. But let us remember that the majority still have to go to court.