I WOULD like to reopen the debate on cyclists on the island's roads who ride in bunches. Surely for their own safety and that of the motorist, they should ride in single file on the busy road especially with the large increase in the volume of traffic.

Yesterday in El Molinar, two cyclists were riding in the busy lunchtime traffic side by side taking up the whole of the carriageway and in order to overtake a car in front, one went into the centre of the opposite carriageway and the other swooped up in the inner lane with complete disregard for the oncoming traffic. They ignored traffic lights and crossings.

Also, if a motorist happened to sound their horn to warn of danger (may I add to the cyclists) rude gestures were the order of the day.
They tell the motorists to “Think Bike” but surely the reverse is also true.
CONTINUING with the transport theme, I refer to your article by Ray Fleming on Thursday, 1st March regarding the negotiations between the European Union and the US government which will allow flights from the US to land direct in Palma and vice versa.

If the airport expands its trade by bringing planes direct from the US to Palma, it would be good for tourism but with the planes being that much bigger, the noise factor for communities would increase dramatically.

If this agreement comes to fruition, perhaps AENA (The Spanish Airports Authority) will look again at the double glazng issue for people living close to the airport - the current proposals hardly include any houses which are on the flight path. Coll d'en Rabassa and C'an Pastilla suffer greatly during the summer months with the planes taking off and landing during the nights. Sadly, AENA and the government seem to be totally disinterested in the health and welfare of the residents.

Perhaps this letter might stir up a debate on this subject.
C J Crane, Coll d'en Rabassa