by Humphrey Carter

R EPRESENTATIVES from the Balearic government and the local tourist industry who have been attending the ITB travel trade fair in Berlin this week may well be slipping into their lederhosen and slapping their thighs with joy amidst talk of a sharp rise in the number of German visitors this year, but the industry has got to remember to get the basics right in order to make sure that the forecast gain in German, and British, holiday makers is not lost next year.

To start with, more bums on beaches does not necessarily mean more cash for the business, as one industry insider warned me yesterday.
Also, if the Balearics is determined to carry on with its push to attract quality “up market” tourism, it has got to up its standards and also maintain consistency.

A local British businessman said to me this week that he is tired of paying London prices, if not more at times, here in Majorca when most restaurants are incapable of maintaining consistency.

No body likes being ripped off, not even multi millionaires, and with everybody still watching their pounds and euros, the Balearics, especially Majorca which continues to have the highest hotel rates in Spain, has got to make sure it looks after its clients this year.

Otherwise, they will simply go somewhere else next year.