By Jason Moore I must be special. I go to the cinema because I want to be entertained and to escape for a few hours from the challenges of the society we live in. If I want to see some earth-moving momentous insight into an issue of interest I will watch Panorama, the award-winning BBC current affairs programme. Taking all this into account, I will be honest; I am not interested in the slightest in seeing any of the films which gained Oscars on Sunday night. The standard of films coming out of Hollywood at the moment is exceptionally poor; a combination of what I would call art-house films and remakes of past blockbusters. That is it. I don't go to the cinema, to go away and ponder on the film's message, I want to be entertained and generally enjoy myself. I am not one of those people who enjoy sitting on the edge of their seat for 90 minutes and watching some horror film and I don't particularly enjoy seeing a director's take on some world event past or present. Now you will be asking what I consider a good film; well, Gladiator, Chariots of Fire, Out of Africa, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral are among my favourites. And until Hollywood goes back to producing films of this calibre I will not be going to the cinema...I will just wait until these alleged blockbusters are out on DVD. Hollywood needs a reality check because it appears to have lost its way.