By Jason Moore

THE Balearics has a golden opportunity in October to re-establish itself as Britain´s number 1 holiday spot during the annual convention of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) in Palma.

But there is plenty of work to be done. The 1'000 travel agents who will be attending the event will be seeking assurances that the Balearics is not a holiday destination which is in decline but one which is looking to the future with new ideas.

The last time ABTA came to Palma was back in 2003 when the Balearics was the undisputed champion of British tourism. But in those days the pound was worth almost 25 percent more against the euro and Turkey and other holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean were still very much in the development stage. One of the biggest problems facing the Balearics is price. It can´t compete against other holiday destination which are outside the euro-zone. But the best way forward is to try and become a value for money destination which offers great service. This year the Balearics has a great chance to win back the British market. Turmoil in the Middle East means that more British tourists will be coming to the islands and then in October, the ABTA convention. Let us hope that these islands can get their act together again and become the top holiday spot once more.