Dear Editor, Re: Ray Fleming's “Looking Around” RAY Fleming's article dated 7th March in the Daily Bulletin on the U.S. handling of the Indian nuclear issue once again reflects the writer's usual shallow, one-sided and biased ant-American views. India has never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has done all its research on its own. Iran, on the other hand, has signed the NPT agreement but has drawn know-how and co-operation from outside sources under false pretences. Iran is now violating the agreement they themselves are committed to adhering to. This is plain cheating! Besides, India is a peaceful democracy; indeed, although they are in conflict with a neighbour, no sane person loses any sleep about their using their nuclear capability to advance a cause. Iran, in contrast, has blatantly threatened a free and democratic nation, Israel with annihilation and is a major supporter of world terrorism as well as other issues which are giving major cause for alarm. Did Ray Fleming give credence to these facts when drafting his article that appeared in yesterday's newspaper? Does the editor not see the need to balance such views or insist that the whole picture is presented to their readers who may easily form an opinion based on incomplete information?

A. Berest, Palma de Majorca