Dear Sir, LIKE most of your readers, I have been interested in the state of the new and used car market in Majorca. I was tempted to react in writing to the 48% drop in car sales year on year, when Mark Masters kindly did my job for me in your edition last Sunday, for which I am obliged, as he took the words from my mouth.

My interest stems from my need to change my car for a new/newer model and with this in mind I trolled the showrooms of Manacor last Friday. Interestingly my needs do not extend to Jaguars, Mercedes and BMWs, rather a more modest vehicle such as a Ford Focus or an Opel Astra or similar vehicles. Mark Masters was spot on with his assessment. A new Ford was priced at 17'500€ with a 20% discount card on the screen, which the salesman assured me had been included in the price. A similar story emerged in the Opel showroom with new and used cars showing price cards and discount cards which were deemed to be included.

The Renault showroom had an old style Megane estate priced at 21'000€. One look at the comparable prices for these vehicles in the UK shows the ridiculous disparity in value. The showrooms do not seem to be willing to move on price even for a cash deal! If ever “Caveat Emptor” was appropriate this is the time. One wonders whether car companies, desperate to move units and support this with dealer discounts, are being let down by failure to pass them on to the public. No wonder they are not selling cars. It would pay me to fly to Belgium, buy a LHD car at a price on or less than the UK, drive it to Majorca and pay the 1300€ to obtain Spanish plates. I shall invest in the latest copy of “Autofacil” check the recommended price and look around for a deal with a bag full of euros. If I find a sensible trader who is anxious to stay in business, I will let you know. Mind you I might see a flying pig first.

Paul Satterly

Sa Coma.

Dear Sir, AS Mr Fleming regards Mr Cable´s opinions as more trustworthy than Mr George Osborne´s I would be interested in hearing his opinion regarding Mr Cable's latest comments about Gordon Brown and the Labour Party, where he compares them to a “bad bank” and that they have “lost their moral authority”. Mr Cable then goes on to say that “Labour is the bad bank with a legacy of toxic policies and failed management”. I doubt whether George Osborne could have said it better or more precisely.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow
Santa Ponsa