THE Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) launched a scathing attack this week on the various meetings which have been organised by the Balearic government at local town halls to inform non-Spanish EU residents of their voting rights and other issues. According to them the whole purpose of these meetings was to court the foreign vote. The Socialist Party are always criticising the ruling Partido Popular over non-Spanish EU voters but the PP is the only party which has made any attempt to attract the non-Spanish European vote. Why isn't the socialist party holding so-called information meetings for expats? Why haven't they made any attempt in the last eight years to get non-Spaniards to vote for them? The answer I am afraid is rather silly. They believe, quite wrongly, that the majority of foreign residents would favour right or centre right parties because they have made enough money to live in the sun! Instead of being critical perhaps the PSOE (which has close links at national level with New Labour in Britain) or even the other smaller parties should make an effort and follow the lead which has been set by the Partido Popular. While, the non-Spanish European community is relatively small, as we all know, a handful of votes can make a major difference in marginal councils. These parties would be stupid to alienate the very people who could give them a majority at election time.