Dear Sir,

EVEN a cursory glance at the “Balearic Election Results” shows how, if Spain behaved democratically towards its “foreign voters” - and they were allowed to vote in not just the municipal, but the general election as well - the outcome could havee been so different. One thing is obvious, foreign votes do count. A perfect example of this is Calvia where it was the foreign vote that gave Señor Delgado his majority in the local election - but where the PSOE (Socialists) gained in the general election - when foreigners are denied the vote. It's high time the European Union sorted out this anomaly - there are too many of us (foreigners) paying our taxes living here, contributing to the Spanish economy and yet, being denied our democratic right, i.e. a vote - a say in how the country is run.

Those in power in Madrid will fight to keep the “status quo” - fearful of any change. However, claiming to be a democracy is one thing - behaving democratically is obviously another.

M. Irving, Portals Nous

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