By Jason Moore

MONEY it appears can´t buy success on the football pitch. Real Madrid crashed out of the Champions League this week after spending in excess of 250 million euros on players. The Champions League final is to be played at the Bernabeu and the theory was that Real Madrid´s over-paid stars would win the trophy on home-soil. Think again, they didn´t even reach the quarter-finals!

This is the second-time that Real Madrid Chairman Florentino Perez has bought the best and failed and now there is said to be a revolt in the dressing-room with Brazilian playmaker Kaka wanting to leave the club, according to some newspapers yesterday. All is not well in a club who appeared to be financially invincible; it is shame that they couldn´t do the same on the pitch. Real Madrid are still the league leader in Spain but our very own Real Mallorca are hot on their toes and Perez could buy the whole club (debts included!) with the money he spent on buying Ronaldo. In the case of Real Mallorca, one of the highest paid people, is the manager Gregorio Manzano, who has been able to mould a group of players into a team which can challenge for the top. Perhaps, Real Madrid should take note. Spend wisely and you just might be successful.