By Jason Moore AS soon as Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool fireworks started going off in my neighbourhood in Palma. I had to think for a moment whether or not we have any scouse neighbours! No, we don´t so why the fireworks when a Spanish team had just gone behind to an English team? Well the answer is simple of course all the Barcelona supporters were siding with Liverpool along with all the other people who don´t support Real Madrid. But on the night it was difficult to decide which was the Spanish team because Liverpool almost has more Spanish players than Real Madrid. Thankfully, the Spanish giants made the task easier by wearing the Spanish flag on their shirts! Even the commentator on Spanish television was mildly pro-Liverpool. He did say at the end of the match that it was a major blow for Real Madrid but you could see that Spain is nearly claiming Liverpool as one of their own. But as I keep on having to point out to my Spanish colleagues Liverpool is in England and it is an English club. I don´t think there is a version of “You Never Walk Alone” in Spanish or Catalan and the man of the match was not Fernando Torres but one Steve Gerrard who netted two goals.

But apart from that what a match, most enjoyable!