Dear Sir, I have just seen on TV that the Spanish Authorities have announced that as of 1st April the cost of a bottle of Butane gas will be reduced by 3 euros (22%) to 10.50 euros. Why, I wonder, have I had to pay 14.50 euros per bottle for months ?

K M Stych
(See page 6)

Dear Sir, So, according to BMIBaby they are enjoying a huge increase in people from the UK making enquiries online for summer flights to Spain and Majorca. The word ‘enquiries' being the key word here ... if they were cheap enough that would be replaced with ‘bookings'. What is the point in BMIBaby, or indeed the Bulletin, getting excited about internet enquiries. When those enquiries have been turned into sales, and those people are walking around the streets of Majorca then we'll all get excited. But until then, all we have to be cheerful about is the drop in the price of Butano from 13'50 euros to 10'50 euros from 1st April.

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom

Dear Sir, SO, the cyclists federation asks that motorists become more tolerant/aware of their members. Might I suggest that if cyclists behaved more responsibly perhaps they would get the tolerance they crave. As it is red lights appear to exclude them - as the majority either cycle straight through them, or mount the pavement in order to avoid stopping; zebra crossings are used without looking either way, to cross the road from one cycle track to another; earphones/radios are equally worn, so impeding hearing; lights on bikes are nonexistent; and lastly “pack riding” seems to apply when cycling teams take to the road.

Perhaps now is the time for all road users to take the test - if only to see if they know the highway code/rules of the road. Motorists are far from perfect - but I suggest cyclists put their own house in order before complaining.

Yours sincerely, A fellow road user