By Jason Moore

TEACHERS went on strike yesterday across the Balearics to protest against sweeping cuts in the education budget. I am rather concerned that local school children have lost yet another day of class. Just two weeks ago schools were closed for two days for half term and then at the end of this month comes the long Easter break. I do not have a problem with teachers going on strike, it is their right, but I do object to disruption in schooling because of rather unnecessary school holidays which are then added to days lost because of industrial action. Majorcan children are not in school very long anyhow; from 9a.m. to 2p.m. is the usual school day. Unfortunately when they return home from school they have many hours of homework; in some cases this is work which has not been completed in class. You can´t give children of eight or nine two hours of homework and then take them on a school outing the next day when no school work will be produced. As far as I am concerned it would be more productive if parents took their children on a outing and teachers just concentrated on teaching and not giving so much homework. The school work children do at home should be limited because everybody needs some time to relax. Schools were not officially closed yesterday but then only two teachers are on duty which means that classes could not take place. Another day and another lesson lost. The cost could be very high in the future.