SO residencias are to be abolished and replaced with certificates. Yes, although this still has to be confirmed officially it does sound like the same document with a different name because the procedures and information given will be basically the same. But full marks to the British Embassy Press Office in Madrid for tracking the Spanish legislation and contacting the Ministry for the Interior to get more information on the subject. As we have been reporting more information will be revealed later this month but I sincerely doubt that there will be any major changes. Instead of having a card we will have a certificate. As I have lived in Spain I appreciate the concern and in some cases sleepless nights which new Spanish legislation affecting foreigners can bring. I would like to suggest that the Balearic government's Department of Immigration continues with its information meetings in the various councils and perhaps it might be a good idea to explain the latest legislation on residencias and even the new tax laws. I think this would be a vital service to the foreign community. As we know getting to the bottom of new legislation is no easy task. In this case it is a question of wait and see. But don't worry, the certificate will probably be an exact copy of your residencia!