By Jason Moore

FOUR years ago, in the last local elections, the two main parties, the Spanish Socialists (PSOE) and the Partido Popular battled it out for the so-called foreign vote in Calvia. Candidates on both sides of the political divide made an all out attempt to capture non-Spanish votes. In the end it was a clear victory for the Partido Popular who won an overall majority and councillor Kate Mentink proved key in getting the non-Spaniards to vote.

But four years later and there is not a whisper from the two main parties about non-Spanish voters. The socialists do have one non-Spaniard on their list but it does not appear that they will be launching any campaigns exclusively aimed at non-Spaniards. The Partido Popular are tight-lipped on their list of candidates and all will be revealed later this month. But what we do know is that Kate Mentink is not standing for the party again in Calvia and nor is Mayor Carlos Delgado. Both are expected to take up positions in the local government if the Partido Popular win the next local elections. But it is a shame that there is not more activity involving the foreign community. I sincerely doubt that we will see the turnout of the last local elections. However, it is vital that non-Spaniards do vote, this is the only way to get the attention of the politicians.