I have been holidaying in Majorca for a long time now, however the risk of having my holiday ruined by striking staff is now starting to affect my future plans and choices. Last year was probably the worst and most worrying for a long time.

I now read today in the bulletin that Iberia pilots are thinking about more strikes. My position is probably similar to most people who travel. I do not want workers lives made unbearable by poor working conditions etc. but do these people not understand times change and company's need to change to keep up. Surely the pilots etc. must see that strikes will only cost company's more, therefore more cuts will need to be made!! but even worse when people only get two weeks hard earned holiday they are not going to spend the build up to their holiday worrying about whether there will be a pilot available to take them.

We live in a world where travel to other countries is so simple i wont take the risk anymore on missing out on my hols and I believe that although the Balearics is a special place there will be hundreds more like me.

These workers have a job and a choice of whether to stay or seek employment elsewhere.
My thanks go to you for your updates on the most important issues.
Robert MacDonald
Worcestershire UK