by Jason Moore

I have always been rather amazed that the Balearic Boat Show has not been more successful. Afterall, these islands are a focal point for the nautical industry and our yacht clubs are home to some of the finest super yachts in the world. The Balearic government has decided to cancel this year´s boat show simply because of a lack of interest from exhibitors. Now the local nautical industry have never been big fans of the event and many believe that we now have a golden opportunity to have a “boat show re-birth” which would be more appealing to exhibitors and visitors. I hope that the local nautical industry will work with the local authorities and help shape a new boat show which would appeal to all. I think the venue, just at the end of the Paseo Maritimo by the Paseo Sagrera, is first rate. What has always struck me about the Boat Show is that there was not much glitz and glamour to go alongside the beautiful yachts. I was rather disappointed by last year´s edition of the fair, which I think, was one of the poorest to date. I don´t really know how the organisers had the nerve to actually charge people to visit the fair as there was little to see. So let us be positive and start planning for the future and make the new boat fair a real showcase for the local nautical industry. Also, it might be a good idea to remind the local authorities how important the local nautical industry is for the economy of these islands. It is vital and deserves a decent show.