by Jason Moore

I am pleased to report that local businesses are feeling more confident about the future as we head towards the summer season. Infact confidence levels among the business people I have spoken to have risen quite dramatically over recent weeks. The negative thoughts have changed to a more upbeat outlook. There is reason to be more confident. This summer there are more flights from Britain including a daily link from Heathrow, holiday bookings to the island have risen and there even appears to be some life in the property market. Over the next few weeks hundreds of hotels will re-open for the summer season after the long winter rest. This will effectively mean that unemployment will tumble. Soon you are going to have to start reserving a table in your local restaurant! It has been an exceptionally hard winter for many people. The record rate of unemployment and the economic ill winds have naturally taken their toll on Majorca. But don´t worry summer will soon arrive. There are also plenty of events to look forward to. Tomorrow, Sunday, we have the St. Patricks Day parade in Santa Ponsa and then early in May, the Europe Day celebrations in Palmanova. There are other important events which have been organised ranging from the Boat Show to all the traditional fiestas on the island. The winter is drawing to a close and the good times will soon be here again. Let us hope that the summer season lives up to everyone´s expectations.