by Jason Moore

The other day I was talking to a leading local official in the film world. He was telling me that a major investment project on the island, which would create hundreds of new jobs, is stalled because the local government do not want to provide a very small piece of funding which would be returned to them once the project is completed. It sounds completely senseless to me and I sincerely hope that the government do have a change of heart. Not only would this project create highly specialised employment on the island it would also mean that major feature films would be made here. I am not talking about television documentaries but Hollywood blockbusters. Sometimes I am concerned that the Balearic government appears to be completely out of its depth. If the government doesn´t get its act together soon the project will just go elsewhere and it will be another opportunity lost which would be a great shame. Majorca needs investment of this type, so wake-up Balearic government.