By Jason Moore FORMER Balearic leader, Francesc Antich the architect of the controversial tourist tax, last week apologised for the surcharge admitting that the tax was a bad idea. Antich has now been out of office for three years so his apology has been a long time coming. But I don't think an apology is enough. It was a very bad idea as I said in this space at the time and it did cause plenty of problems. The tax itself wasn't a bad idea but the way it was introduced was a complete shambles. But returning to Antich's apology, I don't think it is enough. Thousands of British and German holidaymakers paid the tax only to be told, years later, that it was a bad idea. I think Antich should now press the Balearic government to offer a full refund to all those people who saw the price of their holiday increase by a euro a day. It's all very well getting up in the local parliament and saying that the tourist tax was a bad thing but surely he should be saying that to the people who actually paid it in the first place. You can't play around with the tourist industry. It is far too precious to the local economy. If you want to raise additional funds don't try and tax our principal source of revenue. If you haven't the money well look for alternatives. The tourist tax severely hit the local tourist industry and it will probably never recover.