Dear Sir, WITH reference to the recent EU Conference on global warming, eminent world scientists have claimed in a TV programme entitled “The Great Global Warming Swindle” that governments are ignoring proven facts.

Gathered over decades, such data illustrates the fact that global warming is a natural climatic cycle happening over thousands of years which is caused by the sun and is not caused by human element, i.e. carbon footprints etc.

These scientists also claim that no money can be made from these findings as global warming is a natural recurring phenomenon.
These scientists are of the opinion that in fact, global warming will be a benefit to the world as it could create fertile land where there is now desert and make famine a thing of the past as due to melting ice there will be more rainfall in the world.

If Europe really wants to conserve energy they should follow the example of Malmo in Sweden which has been energy efficient for years.
C J Crane, Palma de Majorca
Dear Sir, AS a pensionista on this Island, one thing I love to do while having my café con leche in a morning, is to read the Bulletin, and many times I see things about which I should put pen to paper or fingers on key board.

Well today, I have to do just that having read the “Letter to the Editor”, Tuesday 6th March.
Having worked in the Post Office back in the UK, I too was surprised that I could not buy stamps at the post office, but when it was explained to me why, ok. If we are to live on this beautiful island, then I think we should start to accept the way of life in the many aspects that it differs from our own.

Brian Finney, by e-mail