This letter is to all the people who are suffering after this murderous attack on Spain's people. This has not deterred my family in coming to this wonderful place. Track these monsters down and deal with them. MR. D. EDGE, UK
We would like to express our sorrow to all our friends in Spain. We share your grief and think of you at this most terrible of times.JOHN & JANET, SHEFFIELD, UK
This letter comes from one who feels the pain that your country is feeling after the terrible bombings in Madrid. I just wanted to convey my sincere condolences after such a terrible event. We, as a country, have been through what your country is now going through and we know that it is not pleasant. Our thoughts and prayers are with your country and in particular with the families of those who lost loved ones. May God bless all of your countrymen, your leaders and others who lost family members.PETER LEWIS, TEXAS, USA
I'm so sorry this happened. Americans are with you.JOHN PETERSON; LAS VEGAS, USA
To the people of Spain. Our thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow. This act of terrorism will not change our plans to visit the country we love. VADILLO & SAWTELL FAMILIES, SYDNEY