Dear Sir,

Congratulations on your interview with Mr. Andrew Clemence, Manager Director of The Pirates. As a retired Marketing Director of an international company, I agree with his comments, in particular the necessity for tourist facilities to be upgraded - shops open at week ends etc. Whilst Mr. Clemence is quite right that governments cannot dictate to those tourist facility providers, especially since politicians are not the best informed on marketing techniques, nevertheless a Marketing Quango, incorporating people like Mr. Clemence, people who work at the sharp end of commerce, could produce plans, free of bias (hotel associations), for development of tourism in a number of directions.

Quangos have acquired a poor reputation in UK; too many ill defined objectives, and vehicles for expense seekers. It does not have to be like that.
In the Balearics we have a wealth of talents, indigenous and ex-pats. Appoint Mr. Clemence to form a group of representatives of the best talents in a tourist context, hotels, shopkeepers, sport, transport, nautical etc., probably around 10 people to formulate a commercial plan for consideration of government support.

It is the future of the Balearics that is at stake. Governments have neither the time, nor the expertise, nor an impartial view on what are commercial matters. Only the markets can decide.

Well done Mr. Clemence to have aired this matter so eloquently.

Leslie Watson, Puerto Pollensa