By Jason Moore LAST weekend the leader of the Conservative Party Eric Pickles was in Majorca calling for expatriate Britons to vote in UK elections. However, they are going to have to fight for their vote and they face stiff opposition even from Spanish parties in this year´s European elections. Expatriates (as long as they are eligible) can vote for candidates in their former constituencies in Britain and also they can vote for candidates standing in Majorca. While they only have one vote they have the option of voting in two countries. To be honest I can see more expatriates voting for their European election candidates in Majorca rather than those in Britain. Obviously it is closer to home. The Conservative Party are quite right to try and court the British vote abroad and they should be congratulated on their efforts. Eric Pickles´ visit at the weekend was a success. He underlined the fact that expatriates should not feel forgotten and should use their vote in the European elections and in the general elections next year. However, attending rallies and dinners is one thing and getting people to actually vote is another. I think that it is important to vote in all elections if you are eligible especially at the moment. However, convincing people to do so is a difficult matter.