DID anybody see that excellent documentary about the John Lewis Partnership last week? Their chairman came out with a wonderful comment: “When trading is thin, holding on to existing customers is crucial.” Could somebody please pass this philosophy on to the Tourism bods who are trying to save this island. Two weeks ago they were spending a fortune on promoting ‘Quality Tourism'. Last week they were targeting the Chinese market. Who will they be aiming at this week - Iroquois Indians?

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom

LAST year I wrote - my critical views about Air Berlin (AB) monopolistic position created by them with the help of the Majorca government, whether knowingly or not. Regrettably my prediction has become a reality. AB having a monopoly on most flights from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are pricing them selves on levels unheard of. An example, 10 friends of mine wanted to fly to Ibiza next week, for a 3 day sojourn. The return fare was 545 euros! No one is coming. The Balearic Islands will be losing 10 high spending tourists who would probably have been spending at least 10'000 on hotels, car hire, meals etc. The planes are full but only AB knows whether they are placing smaller aircraft's with lesser frequency.

AB like all other airlines have no loyalty to any one. I always insisted that airlines create markets and not the other way round. AB has expanded their routes network in the last year only to provide them the alternatives of choosing the highest paid fares so they can afford to charge whatever they want. The Balearic government should do some soul searching NOW when the economy is in its worst recession ever and the prospects for Spain are the gloomiest in Europe.

Arye Berest