By Jason Moore

IT is with much sadness I write this piece today because two great characters of the British expatriatre community on the island are no longer with us. I first met John Rule about 15 years ago when he asked whether the Bulletin could field a soccer team to play against a team from a visiting Royal Navy aircraft carrier. Our opponents were from the carrier Invincible and they certainly lived up to their name.

We were beaten 12-0! but I still remember John cheering us on from the sidelines and at the end of the match he told me with a straight face that the better side had won but only just! John contributed greatly to the local community and you could say that the new rugby ground in Calvia will be a lasting memory to him.

The second person who passed away this week was Graham Phillips. Apart from playing a key role in the letters to the editor section of this newspaper and bringing some of our columnists to task he was a leading estate agent in the north of the island. I would say that in someways he was a Mr. Fixit, because he knew everyone in the north of the island. He also introduced me to one of my favourite restaurants, Simpsons on the Strand in London. Both Graham Phillips and John Rule will be sadly missed on Majorca.