I AM sure that there must be a great many people on the island who are confused as to what is required of them, in order to comply with limits on use of electrical power recently announced by GESA.

Personally I have been given advice varying from - I must do something, I need do nothing, I should wait and see if I get charged extra, I should wait for a card from GESA telling me what I must do and nothing needs to be done until July.

Since this is Majorca, where official papers are not translated into 40 different languages as in the UK and GESA do not seem to cater for limited Spanish or the English language, would it be possible for the Bulletin to produce some guidance?


Derek Allison
Can Pastilla


RE: MR MOORE'S “WALK OF SHAME” I HAVE a problem with Mr Moore's logic when he says… “danger of … members of the political establishment paraded in front of cameras is that at the next local elections no-one will vote.” My take is quite different and would say that the “benefit of … members of the PP and UM political establishment paraded in front of cameras is that at the next local elections no-one will vote PP or UM.” Politicians volunteer, even court media coverage when its purpose is to get them elected. It is only fair that if they get front door coverage when the news is positive, they should not get the use of a side door when the coverage is negative.

The leaders of both PP and UM in the last administration are under investigation, members of their administrations are already charged, some convicted of corruption. While I am sure that there are good honest people in both parties, it is their responsibility to keep their leaders away from the results of a negative press. If they don't, why should anyone want to vote for these parties, conversely this “media circus” rather then depress the vote, should encourage a high voter turn out in favour of parties not tainted by scandal.

This is not an issue of regional government, my village, Porreres, has a UM majority. In the recent past, two members of PP and two of UM, have either been charged, investigated, or posted bond regarding corruption. Why would anyone want to support two parties so distracted by legal problems, as to not to be able to serve their constituency.

Richard Goss