By Jason Moore THE best thing that Balearic leader Francesc Antich can do at the moment is call an early election as a result of all cases of alleged political corruption which have come to light. The latest involves Balearic minister for tourism, Miguel Nadal, who is facing allegations of corruption; in other-words one of his key minister in an absolutely vital department has a date with a judge investigating a whole series of allegations. The so-called rainbow coalition local government is already a minority government having lost its majority when a Balearic Member of parliament was ejected from the coalition because he faced corruption allegations. Some are also calling for Nadal to be ejected from the government. The simple truth is that the last thing these islands need at the moment is cases of political corruption which will obviously lead to political uncertainty and worry. So Antich has no option really; he has to admit that his coalition government has been a failure and call an election. They could easily take place on the same day as the European elections in April. And if he did call an election who would win? Probably the Partido Popular who have been hit by corruption scandals but are still ahead in the polls. This is probably one of the reasons why he won´t call an election.