By Jason Moore

THERE is something rather unsavoury seeing former leading politicians arriving in court flanked by police officers, wearing handcuffs after a night in police cells. They are then paraded in front of photographers and TV cameras. Now, I am no fan of politicians, especially those who have been accused of mis-using public funds, but they do have rights and after all none of them have so far been tried for any offence.

I am sure that these ugly scenes could be avoided. Why are they not allowed to use a side door away from the cameras to enter court. The Partido Popular has already asked the judiciary why these scenes are allowed to take place. Later this month former Balearic leader Jaume Matas will be appearing in court and you can imagine the media circus which will surround his day in court. I am not saying that politicians who have allegedly done wrong should be given special treatment all I am saying is that the whole scene could be avoided.

The dangers of seeing former key members of the political establishment paraded in front of the cameras is that at the next local elections no-one will vote. The reputation of politicians in the Balearics has become deeply tarnished. Those who have done wrong should be sent to jail but they should be given a fair hearing.