Dear Sir, I REFER to Mr Lillico's comments in regards to Miss Nicholas's article about our Muslim compatriots. I see that he is taking the Sunday Times point of view about ignoring the, what they call, an extremely small minority.

Fair enough, but minorities, sooner than later, become majorities, witness the USA, and the foreseeable future is, I think, very foreseeable, something he obviously doesn't. I won't go into the matter about whether the gentleman concerned has been in gainful employment before living on behalf of the taxpayer, but I for one find it amazing that having been educated in one of the liberal professions, again presumably subsidised by the British taxpayer, he is happy to live on such a meager amount when qualified to earn a lot more doing what he was trained for.

Lastly but not least, whether he is for or against military operations and Troop Parades, is up to him, but to condone “peaceful” demonstrations against troops who were obeying politicians orders, often suffering fatalities carrying them out, I for one, find despicable.

Yours sincerely, Simon Tow
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir, IN the Saturday Daily Bulletin Ray Fleming managed to put his foot in his mouth again. The poor guy has no luck. When he starts on American politics he can't catch a break. Being an adoring leftist he frothed over Obama's decision to go on a late night program with comic Jay Leno, “But the President's is a shrewd move because....” Blah, blah. But by the time the ink was dry Ray's hero screwed up by mockingly referring to his abysmal bowling skills as being what you would expect in the Special Olympics.

Terribly unPC. The White House could not blame Obama's overworked mechanical aide, because TOTUS (Teleprompeter Of The United States) didn't make the trip to Burbank. Ray had high hopes but I guess he didn't count on Obama being on his own. Bad move.

Ralph McGaughey
Boston, MA USA (an on line reader)