by Ray Fleming, W as Boris Johnson's father, Stanley Johnson, right when he said yesterday that his son's interview on BBC on Sunday was “disgusting” and “sank as low as the BBC could go”, or was Boris himself right when he said “The BBC did a splendid job. That's what the BBC is for, to hold us to account”?

Mr Johnson Sr said something else -- that the BBC interviewer Eddie Mair did not have the necessary “essential respect” for the Mayor of London. And there's the rub, isn't it, because too often Boris gives the impression of not having the kind of respect for his office that a Mayor should have.

Boris Johnson brings colour and unpredictably to a British political scene that is strikingly short of such qualities at a time that grey men and women dominate Westminster and Whitehall.

He is an able person also, as he showed to some peoples' surprise in the role he played for the London Olympics.
He is also a vote-winner but if he really wants to be considered as a future party or country leader he must decide which Boris Johnson he intends to be -- the clown or the serious politician.

He cannot have it both ways and the Conservative party has every right to ask him to tell it which it is to be in the very difficult two or three years ahead.