by Jason Moore

I F Puerto Portals is a barometer to the state of Majorca then the island has few worries. The port was simply booming on Sunday as the summer season slowly gets underway and the first rays of spring sunshine arrive. Puerto Portals is a real success story but it is also a shining example of why the doom and gloom merchants are wrong about Majorca. This island continues to attract very wealthy people from across the globe, who quite rightly believe that the island is simply the best. The car park at Portals was like a parking area for the top vehicles in the world ranging from Aston Martins to Range Rovers. The super-yachts speak for themselves, I doubt there are many areas in the world which have such a collection of upmarket vessels. Majorca has taken something of a bashing over recent years from many people, myself included. But a visit to Portals rather puts things in perspective. Times are hard but there is still plenty of money around to ensure the future prosperity of these islands. Majorca is a safe investment, there is no doubt about that. I have theory that Majorca is not really Spain. I do not mean this from a geographic or nationalist perspective, I mean that it will always survive the final storm better than places on the mainland, because it has so much more to offer. I seriously believe that we can look forward to a great summer season and hopefully the ill winds of recession will pass us once and for all. Thankfully, Majorca is a safe port in hard times.