DEAR SIR, MAJORCA doesn't need to spend any more money on advertising how attractive the island is. If the tourism board looked into how we are destroying the image the destination once had and still should have, it would attract more holiday makers by far. Stop the carnation sellers, very important issue. I will not even park in the cathedral carpark any more, because they harrass me every time, so what are tourist going to think. Stop the time–share groups in Palmanova/Magalluf, I'm very surprised these people still get away with it. last week I stayed in the Trinidad hotel in Magalluf. As I watched from my balcony, I noticed several people getting very annoyed as they were pounced upon by timeshare louts. If you think you offer a good service, why not open a time–share office in Magalluf and let the clients come to you, should they decide that, that is the type of holiday they prefer. Most important though in my mind and something that will totally ruin this island is the dreaded ALL inclusive holidays. A message from me to the Majorca tourist board (and I think I speak for 90% of the island's local traders), forget Michael Douglas, if you start letting hotels go all inclusive you will ruin tourism and once you have done it, it will take far longer to bring them back. Mistakes like this take too long to turn around. I meet lots of holiday makers in my job and one thing everyone says about last winter is, that they wouldn't come back in the winter, because apart from in their hotel, there was nothing open. If all the hotels in the resort were all inclusive, there's no point bars staying open and from the knock on effect, the winter will not be the only time that there are no bars open. Can you imagine coming on holiday to Majorca, staying in a hotel, drinking poor quality free drinks and then the bar closes at midnight and there is nowhere to go. Stop all inclusive hotels now, or we can all sit back and watch the Island go back to the way it was forty years ago when olive picking was the in thing.
Susan Grieve.