By Jason Moore WELL the word public servant has been taken to a new level in Andratx. The Mayor Xisco Femenias owns a bar opposite the round-about in Andratx town. When he is not working at the town hall he can be found serving drinks in his bar. On Sunday he bought me my half a lager and I must say it was very good. Xisco is in the process of stepping down as Mayor to hand over to someone from the Majorcan Unionist Party (this was the pre-election pact, two years for the socialists, two years for the Unionists) but I believe that he is still responsible for the Andratx area. I pondered my thoughts on this state of affairs for a while and I came to the conclusuon that it was a good thing; politicians need to be seen and what better way to keep in touch with the thoughts and feelings of voters than having them in your pub. So well done Xisco. However, I can´t see Mayors of other municipalities doing the same thing! AS you will read elsewhere in today´s newspaper Jeremy Clarkson was locked in a toilet over the weekend in Majorca by a group of pranksters. The video is all over youtube, and I must admit it is funny. Whether Clarkson will be very pleased is a different matter.