By Jason Moore

A storm is brewing on the horizon over plans by many local hotels to offer all inclusive holidays. Now, obviously these pre-paid drink and eat-as-much-as you-can holidays are not exactly popular with local bars and restaurants. However, some bars and restaurants have helped cause this state of affairs with their high prices. If you are a British family with a tight budget obviously an all-inclusive holiday is just the ticket. You know how much you are going to spend before you go. Now, you can´t blame the hoteliers because they are just reacting to demand and supply.

The tour firms will just go elsewhere if they are unable to find hotels on the island which offer this type of service. Now, I can see that many bars and restaurants are going to have plenty of problems trying to compete with hotels with all inclusive clients. Tempting tourists away from their free food and drink will be no easy task. But unfortunately all inclusive holidays are a reality and all that bars and restaurants can do is to try and offer something different. There have been calls for all-inclusive holidays to be banned in the Balearics but I can´t see this ever happening. As I said at the start of this piece a storm is brewing and I can see it becoming one the major issues of the summer this year.